For those of you who know you need a marketing effort but also know you don’t have the time or expertise to do the work yourself, we offer Marketing Consulting. 

We work as your In-House marketing department.  We write the marketing plan and execute it.  Your responsibility is to approve the plan and fund it, but we do the rest.  Acting as your “In-House” department we do it all.

This kind of effort often requires the use of account executives to coordinate the efforts of a team of experts and adequate time to get the team assembled and up and running.  For this reason, marketing consulting often requires a contract between your company and ours.  Please contact Steven Kubinski for details on our view of the marketing consulting process and how an agreement is prepared.

Because this kind of service varies greatly, each assignment is costed out individually.  We will, however, follow the same principals as outlined below to determine our fees.

How we work:

There are initial meetings where we work together to determine the level of support you’ll need. There is no charge for these consultations.

Once an agreement is reached, consulting fees for Marketing Consulting range from $60 to $250 per hour depending on the professional services required (This may include legal and accounting services), as well as structural overhead.  Services will be contracted on an annual basis with cancellation clauses based on thirteen-week notice.

A detailed estimate of services and hours required will be provided on a quarterly basis.