Welcome to 21st Marketing

The first thing you should know is that 21st Marketing is a different kind of Marketing Firm.

Like other agencies, we offer; Marketing Plan development and Advertising, Creative, Public Relations, Social Media, and Gorilla Marketing expertise.  But we differ in that we custom tailor the level of support we offer you.  Our philosophy is … “Given the right guidance, you can do the execution yourself.”

For this reason, we offer three unique levels of support:


Companies, large and small, kind of know what they want to do regarding the marketing and advertising efforts for their company.  They are also willing to do the “grunt work” needed to execute the campaign. They just want to make sure their plans and media execution makes “marketing sense”.  They know that hiring a full-service marketing agency would take longer to train than it would for the company to do the work itself.  For companies like this, 21st Marketing offers Marketing Coaching.


For companies who need a little more help, our team will work with you, side by side, from the start of the marketing concept.  We’ll help you build a comprehensive marketing effort and then help you execute it.   We’ll give you guidance and support throughout the process but you’ll do the work.  For companies who need a little more help, we offer Marketing Mentoring.


For companies that need full-service, we will work as your In-House marketing department.  We’ll write the marketing plan and execute it.  Your responsibility is to approve the plan and fund it, but we’ll do the rest.  Acting as your “In-House” department we’ll do it all. For companies who need “it all”, we offer Marketing Consulting

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